International Conference

“How far can we go?”

“Practice more, go further!”

“Are you sure?”

Running for a marathon, you increase your mileage week by week and then on the big day, for your effort paid, you will complete the marathon and even break your last Personal Best.


We are happy to see the enjoyment our art lovers with intellectual disabilities have and the changes they have undergone during these years. We believe art colours their lives. Art is essential if their quality of life is to be enhanced. We now want to know how far can we go with them together, and what will be next, as regards art?


As yet, we are still searching for this answer, and we would like to seek this answer with you and all members in the community together, no matter you are an artist, an art lover, a social worker, a rehabilitation worker, a practitioner in education, a parent or a community member who just loves your community. We welcome you to join in the forthcoming International Art Conference for people with intellectual disabilities cum Carnival on April 11th - 13th 2019 (Thurs- Sat).


We want to explore the following fields:

  1. Right of people with intellectual disabilities to participate in art and cultural activities

  2. Appreciation and facilitation of the hidden artistic talents of people with intellectual disabilities

  3. Promoting the artistic creations by people with intellectual disabilities.


Date & Time

11-12/04: 09:30-18:15

Date & Time




Art is a barrier-free common language. To appreciate beautiful things and to do creation freely are inborn abilities and rights of human beings. The focus of art appreciation should be on the power that the creators give to their creations and also their abilities, instead of their intelligence or physical ability. Holding such beliefs, i-dArt connects people with different abilities and explores more possibilities and creative spaces in the community. In addition, we encourage more people with different abilities to participate in art so as to promote social inclusion.

"i do different art"
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